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🇬🇧United Kingdom

Last updated: 12.5.2022

United Kingdom - General Terms and Conditions for Freebies

These Supplementary Terms (“Supplementary Terms”) exclusively apply to rides completed as part of the ‘Collect Freebies’ (the “Program”). These Supplementary Terms are a supplement to the TIER Terms and Conditions, whose terms are hereby incorporated into these Supplementary Terms by reference. To the extent that terms of the applicable TIER Terms and Conditions conflict with the terms of these Supplementary Terms, the terms of these Supplementary Terms shall govern.

Rides completed under the Program can only be made as part of a ride with an eligible TIER vehicle, for which you will be charged in accordance with the rental prices and conditions shown in the TIER App and in the applicable TIER Terms and Conditions. Eligible TIER vehicles will be marked in the TIER App. A ride completed under the Program is initiated by an offer by TIER in the TIER app, which you can accept when you select an eligible TIER vehicle in the TIER App. Only certain TIER vehicles are eligible for a ride under the Program. Eligibility may depend on a number of factors, including but not limited to, the location of the vehicle, the length of time the vehicle has been in a location, and your location. The decision to make a TIER vehicle eligible for the Program at any given time is within the sole discretion of TIER.

Rides under the Program may be subject to a minimum distance and you may be required to park the TIER vehicle in a particular area as specified in the TIER App. In consideration for completing a ride under the Program, subject to complying with any applicable minimum distance or parking requirements which are notified to you in the App, TIER will provide you with the benefits stated as part of the respective offer to complete a ride in the TIER App. Such benefits, e.g., free or discounted rides with TIER vehicles, are referred to as “Rewards”. Unless stated otherwise in the TIER App, Rewards that discount the price for or otherwise relate to the use of TIER vehicles can only be applied to future rides and not to the ride during which they are earned. Rewards are non-transferable unless otherwise marked in the TIER App and may be subject to expiration. Rewards cannot be sold and their value cannot be paid in cash. You may not complete a ride under the Program, or use Rewards, for any commercial, professional, or other business purpose.

TIER is under no obligation to offer you an opportunity to complete a ride under the Program. TIER may change, suspend or discontinue the Program globally or in specific locations at any time and without prior notice. Rewards that have already been earned at the time of such change, suspension or discontinuation shall remain unaffected.