TIER Mobility and Nico Rosberg unveil the company’s first customised series of e-scooters

TIER Mobility and Nico Rosberg unveil the company’s first customised series of e-scooters

  • TIER Mobility setting a new market standard with enhanced suspension, increased range, better brakes and a significantly longer lifespan of +12 months
  • Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg, investor in TIER Mobility,
    presents the company’s first customised e-scooter in a
    new video
  • TIER Mobility hits milestone of 2 million rides,
    faster than any competitor before.

Berlin, 5 June 2019  – TIER Mobility, the leading European company for shared micro-mobility services, operating in over 20 cities across ten markets, today announced the release of the company’s first customised e-scooter series specifically designed to have a significantly longer lifespan, more comfort and improved safety features. The new e-scooter series was manufactured in a strategic partnership with Okai.

TIER Mobility will immediately roll out localised versions of its new scooters in Austria, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
In June, a five digit number of scooters is expected to hit the streets of Germany with another locally adapted version. With this setup the company feels best positioned to win its home market Germany.

Specific features and benefits of the new series include:

Comfort: 10″ tires and significantly improved suspension (variants include double or single suspension), plus an increased range (35-40 km) to serve more riders every day.

Design: Rugged yet elegant look.

Durability:  IoT, bell and cables all integrated – thus less susceptible to vandalism. The frame is moulded in one block from high grade aluminum, half a centimeter thick.

With best-in-class manufacturing, the e-scooter will have a lifespan of 12+ months.

The first generation of scooters already had a 4-5 times longer lifespan than the industry standard, on average 6 months, due to daily maintenance and best in class operations.

Platform: TIER’s modular platform allows quick iterations and innovation. The next version is already expected to launch later this summer.

Safety: More powerful brakes with improved functionality (versions include one mechanical and one electric brake, or two mechanical and one electric brake).

The different versions are required to meet slightly different regulatory requirements in TIER’s markets. Due to these requirements, the lights and reflectors will be positioned slightly differently as well. The new series of scooters will also come with and without a spot for an insurance plate.

The innovation pipeline is filled with more models and new vehicles to be introduced during the year, derived from TIER‘s modular platform manufacturing.

Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and co-founder of TIER said: “Our new e-scooter delivers an increased level of safety, more comfort and the promise to combine a fun experience with a sustainable, zero-emission ride and a high impact on the Unit Economics.”

About TIER

TIER Mobility is a company for shared micro-mobility services with a mission to change mobility for good. The company plays the leading force in the ongoing transformation of transportation, relieving cities from emissions and congestion, and putting responsible usage and safety at the centre of its business.

TIER Mobility has joined forces with other zero-emission means of transport in order to significantly reduce the use of cars, helping cities to shift their focus to alternative e-vehicles.

The company started its operations in October 2018 and is now operating in +20 cities across 10 European markets. TIER Mobility is headquartered in Berlin and employs over 250 people. The company was founded by Lawrence Leuschner, Matthias Laug and Julian Blessin.

The company’s existing investors come from Germany (Point Nine, Speedinvest), France (White Star Capital), Scandinavia (Northzone), Spain (Kibo), Portugal (Indico) and Poland (Market One Capital). In addition, there are selected business angels and individual investors like Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg.

About the Management Team

The management team is composed of some of the most experienced and execution-driven entrepreneurs in Europe: Lawrence Leuschner (CEO & co-founder), Matthias Laug (CTO & Co-founder) and Alex Gayer (CFO).

Lawrence Leuschner was previously CEO and co-founder of reBuy, Europe’s leading online used electronics and media retailer, a company dedicated to extending the life cycle of over 100 million products.

Matthias Laug brings tech and logistics experience to the team, having been co-founder and CTO at the food delivery startup Lieferando and later CTO at the tech unicorn Takeaway.com, supporting one of Europe’s most successful tech IPOs in recent years.

Alex Gayer has previously worked at some of the fastest growing tech companies in Europe, most recently as CFO of Receipt Bank and prior to that SwiftKey, overseeing its sale to Microsoft. Alex Gayer brings a track record and expertise in financing and scaling companies.