Become a TIER

Increase sales and bring more customers to your business

Why host a PowerBox?

Increase Sales

We offer users free rides to swap batteries from your PowerBox. This will provide free transport for your current customers, increasing store visits and sales.

It’s Totally Free

A TIER PowerBox is 100% free, and we’ll pay for the electricity it uses.

Plug & Play

A TIER PowerBox requires no installation, and it’s fully automated needing no assistance from your staff.

Company Sustainability

Reduce the carbon footprint of your customers’ travel modes to meet your own company climate goals.


million rides


e-scooters on the streets


cities live in 9 countries

How does the PowerBox Work?

The PowerBox is a plug & play device that works off any standard mains plug and requires no installation. It’s an extremely compact cube which measures approximately 50 cm in length, width and height. It comes with a bespoke stand, specifically designed to house the SwapBox in commercial spaces.

By hosting a PowerBox you become a key part of the TIER Energy Network across the city. Users of TIER vehicles can swap batteries in exchange for free rides at your SwapSpot.

How do I get a TIER PowerBox?

Register Interest

Fill in the registration form

Get ready

A member of our team will call you to agree on a delivery date for your PowerBox.

Go live

Plug in your PowerBox, join the TIER Energy Network and welcome new customers!