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TIER talks MaaS - What is hindering the adoption of MaaS?

On our mission to create a better-connected tomorrow and change the mobility sector by connecting our sustainable micro-mobility offerings into MaaS solutions, we recently kicked off our brand new ‘TIER talks MaaS’ series. As the most integrated micro mobility operator with more than 30 integrations throughout Europe, we want to share our experience with Cities, Public Transport Operators and other Mobility Providers to enable progress in the mobility sector and truly change mobility for good. While our first article shed light on the ideal stakeholder setup for MaaS projects, this edition will focus on the current scalability limitations of MaaS.

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Drinking and riding don’t mix

You’ve had a few drinks after work, or maybe you’ve had a great night out with your friends and now it’s time to head home. Jumping on a TIER e-scooter would normally be the quickest, easiest option to get you on your way – but only if you’re sober. Drinking and riding don’t mix. Full stop. Driving under the influence just isn’t smart. It can lead to accidents and injuries, not only for the rider but also for other road users and pedestrians.

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Durch Vandalismus mutwillig in Gewässer geworfene e-Scooter sind nicht nur ein großes Ärgernis für Betreiber, sondern gefährden potentiell auch die Umwelt, unser Trinkwasser und Schifffahrtswege. Wir setzen uns daher präventiv dafür ein, solche Vorkommnisse zu unterbinden.

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TIER talks MaaS - The way forward for successful MaaS platforms

At TIER we take a holistic view at mobility in order to create a more accessible, sustainable and seamless mobility service in our cities. This is why we are partnering up with industry-leading mobility players to work on innovative Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) solutions and to change mobility for good together.

This post marks the start of the “TIER talks MaaS” series where we will share first hand insights on our experience with MaaS. For this article we interviewed our partners at BVG, MVG and Trafi and took a deeper look into the right stakeholder setup for MaaS solutions.

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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) - Reshaping urban transport for good

Our mission to Change Mobility for Good and offer the most accessible and sustainable mobility service is one that no single organisation can achieve alone. It’s our vision to create a better-connected tomorrow and change the mobility sector by not only offering safe and sustainable e-mobility, but also by helping to connect sustainable micro-mobility with public transport and integrating into existing and future MaaS solutions.