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How green are electric scooters? New insights on the environmental impact of shared e-scooters

The recently published 6th Assessment Report of the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change provided the latest scientific evidence to what some of us have known for some time: 1) that climate change is progressing far more quickly than was anticipated and 2) that we need to drastically reduce emissions across all sectors to reach global net zero emissions by 2050 (IPCC, 2021).

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Tag des weißen Stocks: TIER fordert mehr Rücksichtnahme auf die Bedürfnisse von blinden und sehbehinderten Menschen

TIER veranstaltet zum jährlichen internationalen Tag des weißen Stockes am 15. Oktober 2021 Informationsveranstaltungen in Osnabrück und Chemnitz. Ziel der Aktion ist es, Fahrerinnen und Fahrer zu einem rücksichtsvollen und ordnungsgemäßen Fahren und Parken zu animieren, damit E-Scooter nicht zum Hindernis für andere oder gar zur Stolperfalle für blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen werden. Im Zuge langfristiger Kooperation mit den Städten und verschiedenen Blinden- und Sehbehindertenverbänden sind weitere bundesweite Maßnahmen geplant.

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Connecting micro mobility and public transportation in Hamburg

On our mission to create a better-connected tomorrow and change the mobility sector by connecting our sustainable micro-mobility offerings into MaaS solutions, we recently kicked off our brand new ‘TIER talks MaaS’ series. As the most integrated micro mobility operator with more than 30 integrations throughout Europe, we want to share our experience with Cities, Public Transport Operators and other Mobility Providers to enable progress in the mobility sector and truly change mobility for good. While our first article shed light on the ideal stakeholder setup for MaaS projects, this edition will focus on the current scalability limitations of MaaS.

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100+ e-scooter parking racks will help to solve clutter in Stockholm

TIER Mobility has invested in more than 100 parking racks for e-scooters across the Swedish capital, in a joint initiative with fellow e-scooter operator Voi Technology. The peers are investing in creating more space for shared, sustainable micro-mobility in collaboration with the City of Stockholm.

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Trialling the Future of Safety, Together - the Ubuntu Way

The winds of change are blowing through urban mobility. In a post-Covid world, we see a rising preference amongst individuals to take independent modes of transport such as walking, cycling or riding e-scooters. However, with this positive shift in urban mobility comes a series of safety-related questions for policymakers and mobility providers to grapple with.