Splyt and TIER Mobility Partner to Integrate Sustainable Mobility Into Global Superapps

July 19, 2022


Berlin/ London, 19 July 2022 - Splyt, the superapp enabler, and TIER Mobility (TIER), the world’s largest shared micromobility provider, today announce the launch of a strategic partnership. This will allow billions of urban citizens, travellers, and superapp users access to TIER's global fleet of shared electric vehicles.

Rather than downloading multiple apps and remembering several login details, users will soon be able to experience TIER’s services through their favoured superapp or travel app, enabled by Splyt.

The new partnership is complemented by the fact that TIER's subsidiary nextbike is also collaborating with Splyt. A collaboration that makes access to sustainable micromobility even more convenient for nextbike's users. Moreover, it illustrates clearly the relevance of bike-sharing offerings on an international scale. In addition to the numerous systems in Germany, the bike-sharing systems in the UK and the system in León, Spain, will also be integrated into the service.

Splyt's on-demand network is already accessible to billions of global smartphone users through existing partnerships with Alipay, Grab, Booking.com and other leading superapps. Splyt fully integrates mobility services into these superapps, natively supports local language conversion, and provides global customer-support, making users feel at home anywhere.

TIER takes great pride in helping cities across the world by providing emission-free vehicles from e-scooters to e-bikes and e-mopeds. Micromobility is a key enabler for reducing the dependence on cars. TIER’s electric vehicles 'fill in the gaps' – providing a first- and last-mile solution for commuters and travellers, allowing them to reach destinations out of walking distance or not served by public transport. Headquartered in Berlin, TIER operates in 22 countries in Europe and the Middle East with a mission to Change Mobility for Good. Since January 2020, TIER has been a climate-neutral company.

How it works?

Splyt integrates mobility and other services end-to-end into smartphone apps used by billions of users, such as Alipay, Booking.com, Grab, and Binance. Once activated in any of the superapps in Splyt’s network, smartphone users can discover, unlock and pay for TIER’s electric vehicles from within these superapps - without additional downloads. Splyt also reduces complexity for users and partners by natively supporting features such as parking zones and rider safety tutorials.

Philipp Mintchin, Founder and CEO of Splyt: "We are proud to partner with TIER, the world-leading shared micromobility provider. TIER is paving the way toward seamless and sustainable mobility and we are thrilled to share and support this vision by pushing their services into the hands of billions of smartphone users.”

Tinia Muehlfenzl, Vice President Market Development at TIER: “We are delighted to team up with Splyt to make our shared micromobility services available and accessible to superapp users around the world. Our mission to change mobility for good is all about creating strong partnerships to give everyone access to sustainable and multi-modal mobility solutions.