Inside TIER: Meet Gosia Kmiotek

January 15, 2024


TIER runs on one mission: Changing Mobility For good 🌍 There are countless of dedicated people from across the globe who contribute to our vision. In our Inside TIER interview series, we will give you a glimpse into who sits behind our operations and what drives them and their teams.

In this edition, we sit down with Gosia Kmiotek from the Commercial team.

TIER: Hi Gosia! Let’s start off with you telling us something about yourself that we don’t know?

Hi, sure!

I am a huge animal lover, dogs especially. I adopted one 3 years ago from a local shelter and she is my partner in crime on remote work at home. She forces me to take regular walks and to give my eyes a bit of rest from the computer everyday. She is the cutest dog ever :)
I play volleyball every week with my friends and I love it! Even though I am 160 cm tall I still rock!

The latest news from my sports life is that on New Year’s Eve I participated in a charity run dressed as a pirate! That was the first run I have ever attended and I know already that is not the last one!

TIER: Tell us a little bit about your role at TIER and what your day to day looks like?

My work at TIER was different when I started and what I do now. At first I was a city manager of south Poland and that was a challenge for me. I joined the city team at the beginning of the summer season 2022 so there was a lot of work to be done for yesterday. At the same time it was a great opportunity to learn and grow fast. I was able to get “green lights” from over 20 city authorities and find out how it feels to open a new market. I have to say that the satisfaction was huge. What I learned from that experience is that it is very important to listen to what the city needs and understand how our service can improve local transport.

After a year I was promoted to Commercial Manager of Poland and later on also Hungary. From that time I am responsible for the shop offer in our, pricing and looking for potential partners who share the same value as TIER. I also monitor closely what our competition is doing to always be one step ahead.
Last year was intensive, I managed cooperation with the MMA KSW Gala in Warsaw and the most famous Book Fairs in Expo Kraków. As Tier we helped the organizers to manage their events better and provide eco transport for the visitors. Now I am working on a deal with one of the biggest podcasts and audiobooks provider, more details soon :)

TIER: What’s something that you/your team have worked on that you are most proud of?

I could mention a lot of examples, but the main one is that when I was working in the city team, me and my coworkers were able to create an exceptional team completely remotely. Each of us was in a different part of the country and even so we delivered or even over delivered the targets. I have never had such amazing people working with me, giving so much support and thinking outside the box.

Another example are those few cities in my “portfolio” that I struggled with convincing local authorities to let us in their city. You should know that for some cities having scooters on the streets was terrifying. Some of them were worrying, and it is absolutely understandable for me, about the safety rules or having troubles with keeping the city in order. I think that transparency is a key for good cooperation. Now, those cities are the most trustworthy partners that give me regular feedback on how our service works. Thanks to that we can be better and adapt new solutions for local markets.

TIER: What is the best part of working at TIER?

For me the best part of working at TIER is that I can have a real impact on company growth. Each TIER’s market is different and each of them needs some insight from the local team. I think it’s super important to have a goal as a company, but also accept that there might be some limitations and changing conditions in local operations and “philosophy”. This makes us unique.

TIER: Our mission is to Change Mobility for Good, which centers around sustainability. What role does that play in your work and life?

Huge one! I live in a crowded city (Kraków) with one of the biggest level of smog pollution in the entire world. That is devastating for me as a habitant and also pushes me even more to convince people to change their mobility habits. We need to create a new, better way of living in big cities and start to think about the next generations. People in Poland are very attached to their cars, but luckily cities have started to create car free zones to encourage habitants to use other alternatives.

I believe that each of us can make a difference with small daily steps - I am a vegetarian and try not to waste food, I don’t use a car and I ride on TIER’s scooters or I take a tram/bus as an option for transport. I still have faith in humans :)

TIER: Which company value has the biggest impact on your team, and how does your team contribute to it?

We rise. This company value speaks to me the most and has a very powerful meaning. It reflects my journey in TIER. It shows how much we have achieved as a team having sometimes limited resources. When I joined Magda and Marta in the Polish city team there were 30 active cities in Poland. Last year we closed with over a 100. Also huuuuge kudos for Ops teams :)
If anyone would tell me while I started how many amazing moments I would have and how many inspiring people I would meet I wouldn’t believe it. You know this feeling when you know that someone has the same flow as you? My first direct manager, Patrycja, was one of the reasons I decided to join TIER. From our first meeting (job interview) I knew I wanted to be a part of this company. She is still a big inspiration for me even though she is not at TIER any longer.

TIER: What advice would you give your younger self?

Never stop learning, stop worrying about everything. And always want more! :)