How TIER works – TIER

How to ride

Download the app and sign up to start your ride.

Let's go! Scan or tap to unlock.
Then follow the TIER app instructions and you're off!

Do you want to start rolling?
First, place one foot on the board.
Use the other foot to push and to pick up speed.
Then place both feet on the board.

Use the right acceleration lever to gain speed. Use the left lever or the foot brake to decrease your speed, depending on the scooter model you drive. Please do not exceed the local speed regulations.

Off you go, enjoy!

Make your way freely but attentive.
Be aware of traffic, signals, and wear a helmet.

TIER is making space for all city inhabitants.
Follow the local rules of parking, be respectful of others and do not block anything.

Did you get where you wanted to go?
Just tap 'end ride' and come back soon!