tier heroes

We support people working in system-critical jobs by providing free rides for their daily commute.
Our Heroes Initiative is currently running in Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.

Our team is deeply grateful for all the silent heroes, whose tireless work is keeping our cities running amid the coronavirus. To show our gratitude, we have launched our "Heroes’ program, offering free rides to people in system-critical jobs. If you are one of these everyday heroes, who put their community first, let us help you get to and from work safely.

Who can get the free rides?

  • Hospital staff and health care workers
  • Supermarket and pharmacy staff
  • Police
  • Fire brigade
  • Employees of local public transportation

How to get the vouchers

To receive your free rides¹ simply fill in the following fields:

Please provide the same phone number you used when registering in the TIER app.

This way we can check and make sure free rides end up with those who need them most.

Thank you for your contribution and for giving everyday your all. It's in times of need that our community spirit comes out shining. Spread the word and tell your friends, family, and colleagues about #TIERheroes.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Your TIER team

¹TIER is sharing up to 5000 rides per day (= 500 codes per day). Every code enables 10 rides with free unlock and 15min of free ride. Only three codes per eligible person. The codes are valid until 31.05.2020. Changes are possible at all times and we reserve the right to stop the project. After the usage of the code, our general pricing model applies. This campaign is to give support to the workforce of system-critical jobs during the corona pandemic. TIER will provide the codes within three working days when applicable. This offer is only valid in our active cities in Austria, Denmark, France, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland.