Let’s change mobility for good together!

We can’t change mobility for good alone.

We rely on our partnerships to achieve our vision of a seamless 
and sustainable mobility in our cities.

Together with public transport operators and shared mobility providers, we have a common mission: We rethink urban transportation and reshape our cities’​ landscapes by offering easy-accessible and affordable mobility services. Together we want to create an attractive alternative to the private car and thereby reduce pollution and traffic congestion in cities.

How do we partner up with Public Transport Operators?

  • Exclusive customer service
    Exclusive customer service

    We offer long term TIER benefits for customers of public transport partners.

  • Joint parking hubs
    Joint parking hubs

    Dedicated parking zones and mobility hubs next to your pubIic transport stations

  • MaaS integrations
    MaaS integrations

    Through the technical integration in partner apps we enable a better customer orientation.

  • Marketing activities
    Marketing activities

    Joint Marketing campaigns and co-branding on TIER vehicles to express the partnership.

  • Combined tickets
    Combined tickets

    We offer combined tickets for TIER vehicles and other means of transport in the TIER App and make multimodality even more attractive.

  • Research

    We initiate cooperative research pilots to gain knowledge about impact and possibilities of micro mobility in outer regions.

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Public transport partners

40+ partnerships with public transport providers all over Europe

TIER sees itself as an extended arm of public transportation. We link our products and incentivize the combined use of local public transport and micro-mobility.

Together, we want to enable a seamless, carbon-free, convenient journey through cities, with the greatest freedom and flexibility for everyone.

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Who are our partners?

TIER is the first e-scooter provider to work with BVG Berlin, Germany's largest public transport authority. Our electric vehicles can easily be rented and returned at one of the many Jelbi mobility stations all over Berlin, thus allowing for a better connection of micro mobility and Public Transport and facilitating seamless and intermodal travel journeys within the city.


We are partnering with the Austrian Railway ÖBB to promote sustainable micro mobility in smaller communities in Austria. Through cooperation and co-financing, this partnership made it possible to introduce e-scooters in Korneuburg and Waidhofen an der Ybbs.

What our partners say…
  • David Koral - Director New Mobility Partnerships


    “Sustainability and greener travel is at the core of TIER and FREE NOW. We want to empower smarter mobility decisions, help people to move freely and cities to thrive – we are looking forward to making even more of TIER’s mobility options available in our app.”
  • Claudia Sagmeister, Project Lead - Multimodal Services


    “Through the joint cooperation with our long-term partner TIER, we can provide our customers a broad mobility offer in Munich. By co-branding TIER’s vehicles and integrating them into MVG's apps, we offer a wide range of innovative mobility services.”
  • Florian Petrina, Product Manager - Multimodal Mobilitystad

    Stadtwerke Münster

    “Following our New Mobility Strategy 2030, we connected our subscriptions with new mobility options to make public transport more attractive. Our reliable partner TIER has the same sustainability targets and is eager to work on local solutions for our city.”
  • Jan Vonlanthen, Project Manager - First Last Mile


    "SBB supports new mobility offers that combine strengths of the railway with the potential of new technologies. TIER is an innovative, public transport-oriented and cooperative partner, connecting mobility at our train stations."
  • Lorenz Aschauer, Senior Specialist - Integrated Mobility


    “TIER has been a reliable and solution-oriented partner, tackling mobility pilot projects with ÖBB 360. Together we were able to introduce integrated mobility solutions in smaller cities and rural regions in Austria.”
  • Sandra Talebian, Partner Manager

    Jelbi BVG

    “TIER is a 'Berlin plant' like BVG - and a Jelbi partner from the very beginning. Together, we are offering more mobility options in more and more neighborhoods in Berlin - and enabling more people in the growing city to live without their own cars.”
  • Ute Jansen, Mobility Manager


    “With TIER, we supplement our mobility range in Essen and Mülheim an der Ruhr and close the gap to micro mobility. To cover the first and last mile with an e-scooter promotes a sustainable mobility mix and strengthens public transport and its partners.”
  • Frédéric Fournet, Head of Business Development and Loyalty


    “Our partnerships with mobility players ensure that the network is complementary and well-connected to TCL subscribers. TIER contributes perfectly to our strategy of complementary travel to get from home to work or leisure with several alternative modes to the private car.”

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