Introducing TIER Mobility

TIER Mobility offers you the best and most efficient way of transportation in cities and urban areas: eScooter-Sharing. With TIER there’s no waiting for the next subway, no sweating on your bike and you’ll take the fun way, passing by the daily traffic jams – and all you have to do is rent a TIER.
With our eScooters you’ll reach your exact destination directly: cheap, fast and eco-friendly.

That’s how you change urban mobility for good!

What’s a TIER?

A TIER is an eScooter, also known as electric scooter or electric kickboard. The TIER eScooters are kick scooters powered by an electric battery, getting you to a maximum speed of 20-25km/h. The top speed depends on local laws – but they’re fun, fast and eco-friendly in every city! And the perfect way to change urban mobility for good.

Wanna try a TIER?

Watch out for the green TIER eScooters or download the TIER app to see if and where we’re active in your city! All available TIER Scooters will then be displayed on the map.

How much is TIER?

There is a 1€ activation fee to unlock a TIER Scooter plus a variable fee of 0,15€ per minute. And that’s it: No other registration fee or upfront payment.

An example:
If you rent a TIER for 10 minutes that will cost you 2,50€ (1€ to unlock + 10min x 0,15€), bring you a lot of fun and an eco-friendly way of getting to your destination. And it will save you up to 20 minutes of walking, quite an amount of sweat on your bike and a lot of stress in road traffic. A great way to change urban mobility for good. That’s what you call a win-win situation for everyone!

Can I use a TIER?

Yes, you can! As long as:

• you're 18 years or older,
• you own a smartphone
• and a valid credit card.

Your TIER was stolen?

You’re only responsible for your TIER scooter during your rental. Make sure you end the rental correctly by parking your TIER in a suitable spot and tapping “end rental” in the app.

Can I buy a TIER for myself?

Nope! Unfortunately, we can’t sell the TIER vehicles to you.
Of course, you could buy a comparable eScooter, but then you’ll miss all the benefits of being able to use a TIER wherever you are, whenever you want and just being flexible even when your plans change.

Signing Up

You can sign up within few minutes directly in our app:

1. Download the TIER app in the Apple Store or GooglePlay Store
2. Create an account with your email address and a password of your choice
3. Quickly add your credit card details
4. You’re ready to rent your first TIER eScooter

Hey ho, let's go! Start your TIER ride

Open the TIER app to view available vehicles. When you’re close enough to a TIER you can unlock the vehicle via app, either by selecting the vehicle or by taking a photo of the barcode.

You’ve got a ticket to ride…! Sharing your referral code

After your registration you’ll receive an email that includes your personal referral code. You can share this code with your friends. Or find and share your code directly in the app.
Both you and your friends will receive a free ride of up to 15 minutes for each recommendation.

Don’t be sentimental, this is how you end the rental!

Once you’ve found a suitable parking spot for your TIER, open the app and tap “end rental”.

Money, Money, Money! Payment terms

Your rides are paid automatically with your provided payment method - after you end your ride. So, make sure you press “end rental” after you've reached your destination.

No extra fees?

Don't worry, at TIER there are no hidden fees!

However, in some cases we might have to charge for damages or extra effort.
• For driving without valid or confirmed contracts or for transferring your login data to others: 250 €
• Repair costs or loss of the vehicle due to violations by the customer: amount of bill
• Extra costs due to customer fault (e.g. towing of the vehicle, etc.): amount of bill
• Relocation of an illegally parked scooter: 50 €
• Hiding the TIER scooter in private or non-accessible areas: 50 €
• Return of the vehicle to the TIER area: 50 €

How to ride a TIER?

Before starting your ride, do a quick safety check to make sure the vehicle is okay. Do the brakes work? Is the handlebar loose? Are there any visible damages? If everything looks good, go for it!
Get the TIER up to speed first with one foot on the scooter’s footboard and the other pushing you forward (2-3 times). When rolling, put both feet on the footboard and press the blue throttle button on the right side of the handlebar. This will start the electric motor. By pressing the blue throttle button, you can accelerate and control the speed of your TIER. Please keep both feet on the footboard for a safe ride.
To slow down or stop you have two possibilities: either press the left throttle on the handlebar or push down the brake above the back wheel with your foot. Or both!

Safety first! Helmet regulations

For your own safety we recommend to always wear a helmet when riding a TIER. Depending on your local traffic laws helmets can also be mandatory in some cities. Because changing urban mobility for good only works if you're safe at all times!

Where to ride a TIER

The local traffic laws also apply to TIER. Unless mandated otherwise in your local traffic laws, it's best to take the bicycle path if there is one. Otherwise simply use the road if possible. Please do not ride on sidewalks or in marked pedestrian zones.
Just keep your eyes open and take care of others. That way you really change urban mobility for good.

How to park a TIER!

You've reached your destination and want to park your TIER. Please make sure that:

• your parking space is open to the public and accessible to everyone.
• the space is within the permitted TIER area. If you are not sure, please double-check the app.
• the parking spot doesn’t block public paths, driveways or building entrances.
• if there’s a bicycle racks are nearby, it’s always a great place to park at!
• again, please do not park on private property or in backyards.
• pay extra attention to not park in access roads to hospitals, fire stations, schools or entrances to other public buildings.

Roger That? It’s so easy to change urban mobility for good!

Give your TIER a break! How to temporarily park the TIER

If you happen to meet a friend on your way, you just want to get an ice cream or need to make an urgent phone call, you don't have to end the rent! Easily reserve your eScooter for yourself and lock it for others by opening the app and tapping on "Park" to give yourself a little break.
If you want to continue with your TIER, go back to the app and press "Continue". But don't forget that you rent a TIER per minute. So, the clock runs even if you're not moving but the rent is activated.

Riding together?

No, sorry, that doesn't work! It’s not allowed to ride an eScooter with more than one person. For security reasons, you can only rent one eScooter per account. If you’re travelling with other people, tell them to set up their own account and rent a TIER themselves. Good news: if you send a successful referral via the app, you and your friend will receive a free ride for up to 15 minutes.

How far can you go?

If it were up to us, you could ride your TIER as far and long as you want to - as long as you park our scooters within the permitted TIER area. However, because the battery’s life is limited, the maximum distance will be up to 20km when the battery is fully charged.

Traveling with the speed of TIER. How fast is that?

TIER is just fast enough to feel the wind in your hair!
With the maximum speed of 20-25km/h (depending on local laws) you can have fun on your way through the city, but always be safe. That way we all can change urban mobility for good.

4 ERROR 404?
Found a broken TIER?

Oh no, there's a broken TIER on the road… If you encounter a damaged TIER, please report it to our customer service team via the TIER app.

The TIER ain’t here, but it’s on the map!

A TIER appears on the map in your APP, but you can't find the scooter? Then check:

1. Is your GPS activated and does it show your current location?
2. Are there any obstacles in your area, such as trees, cars or larger vehicles? The TIER might be hidding behind one
3. if neither of the two steps helped, please report the missing scooter and look out for the next available TIER for a great ride.

A TIER’s broken down?

Help, my TIER has a problem! If there seems to be something wrong with you scooter during your rental, please stop riding immediately and report the problem to us. In the app you’ll find all the contact details of our customer service where our staff will listen to all your problems – as long as they concern a TIER.

Unlock your TIER!!!

The TIER is asleep and won’t wake up and activate? Then check the connection of your smartphone. Does it have enough coverage and data volume? Is the TIER Scooter really close enough to you?
If it still doesn't work, please contact our customer support via the app.

Any more questions?

If there is no suitable answer to your question please contact customer support at support@tier.app or directly via the TIER app. The TIER team will be happy to answer any questions concerning TIER.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

Find our Terms and Conditions here.

What is your Data Privacy Policy?

Find our Privacy Policy here.

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