How to ride a TIER e-scooter in Essex

TIER e-scooters are available to hire in a number of locations across Essex. These include Basildon, Colchester and Chelmsford. TIER e-scooters have recently replaced Spin's and continue as part of a Government back trial. The trial is currently due to end at the end of November 2022.

How to ride a TIER e-scooter in Essex

Find a TIER e-scooter

Download the TIER App to find where the nearest TIER e-scooter can be found.

Get Ready

Step on, push off, press the throttle and go. Make sure you place both feet on the board.

Slow Down

Pull firmly on the brake lever on the handlebars.

Ride Responsibly

  • Please wear a helmet
  • Never ride on the pavement
  • Stick to designated cycle lanes where possible
  • Only ride on roads with a speed limit of 50 kmh or less
  • Park responsibly and never block access for other road users including driveways bus stops and shop entrances
  • We recommend that you wear a reflective vest or jacket when it is dark for your own safety
  • One person per scooter
  • Ride sober
  • You must be 18+ and have a valid provisional or full driving licence

Want access to further training?

DriveTech from the AA, and TIER will guide you through the safe use of e-scooters to make sure you and the community are safe throughout the trials.

Take training

Where to ride and park

You can ride a TIER e-scooter along cycle paths, in parks and in most places in your local town or city. However, there are some roads and areas where it’s forbidden to ride to ensure safety for all road users, including pedestrians. If unsure, check your app for guidance or see the maps below.

Colchester's Map
Basildon's Map
Chelmsford's Map

Designated Parking Spot
You are only allowed to park in the designated areas in the busy central areas in Basildon, Colchester and Chelmsford. Elsewhere, you can park anywhere as long as you follow the general parking guidance outlined earlier. Always locate the parking areas before you start riding so you know where you are heading.

No Riding Zones
To ensure the safety of all road users, there are some areas where you are not allowed to ride (shown in red). We call these no-go zones. You are not permitted to ride or park a TIER e-scooter in these zones.

Out of Bound Zones
Please note scooters are not to be taken home but left in the riding zone area once you have completed your ride. Scooters should be left on public property which is accessible to the operations team.

Park Respectfully
Be mindful and avoid blocking pavements, access ramps, bus stops, and landscaped areas.

Pricing for Rides

  • Regular price
    Regular price

    £1 unlock fee and then £0.15 per minute or buy one of our passes

  • Go unlocked
    Go unlocked

    Unlimited unlocks. £0.99 for the first month. Then £4.99 a month. Renews every 30 days.

TIER Access

TIER offers cheaper ride rates to a range of users including students, police, NHS workers, armed forces and those seeking work. See here if you can apply for a discount.

Need to contact us?

Please contact us using the following. Please note all queries, questions or complaints should be sent via these routes:

  • Support@tier.app
  • 0808 164 9486 (24/7)

If you’d like to provide overall feedback about the trials. Please contact our partner - Essex County Council