TIER and NCBI launch industry first e-learning module about micro-mobility in Ireland

August 23, 2023

  • The module has been collaboratively co-designed and created by NCBI's Possibility Lab, in partnership with NCBI service users, disability organisations, TIER, emergency services personnel, and the Automobile Association (AA) of Ireland

  • This complimentary module is accessible online in two formats: a live webinar-based version held monthly and a self-paced e-learning course

  • The module is designed to address the growing need for information concerning the increasing use of e-bikes and e-scooters in Ireland

  • The course can be accessed at any time from the NCBI website and anyone interested can register online for upcoming webinar sessions scheduled to take place on September 7th, and October 24th 2023

TIER and NCBI, Ireland’s national sight loss agency, have co-developed an industry first ‘Safe Micro-mobility’ course, available free online to educate people about the changing transport landscape in Ireland as e-bikes, bikes and e-scooters become a more common fixture on the road.

The course has been co-designed by NCBI’s Possibility Lab, NCBI service users, disability organisations, TIER, emergency services personnel and Automobile Association (AA) of Ireland in response to concerns that people with disabilities have about e-scooters, e-bikes and other powered personal transport devices increasing in prevalence on our streets and paths.

This module aims to empower people with the insight they need to feel informed about these changes and to learn how to keep themselves safe and feel more confident when out and about in the community.

It covers in detail the many different types of micro-mobility and where to expect them. It also covers the upcoming legislation, the rules around micro-mobility usage and how to report incidents or issues. Importantly, the e-learning course and webinar cover safety tips for both micro-mobility users and a video demonstrating 10 top tips for pedestrian safety.

NCBI’s Possibility Lab hosted the first session last month. Feedback from the first session was very positive with one participant commenting that “I learned so much more about micro-mobility, what it is and what the rules are and how they are changing. It has really increased my awareness of mobility and how micro-mobility has to become a bigger consideration for safe travel and movement.”

Further live webinars will be held on:

Peadar Golden, Ireland Country Manager, TIER, commented: “With e-scooter legislation on the horizon it is critically important that the public feels confident in how to deal with these new vehicle categories safely, and who to speak to about anti-social riding behaviour. We have been operating a shared e-scooter scheme at DCU for two years, the learnings from which have fed into this online learning course and webinar series. Safety is our top concern at TIER and we want people to feel comfortable leaving their cars at home and making the sustainable choice of an e-scooter or e-bike instead.”

Chantelle Smith, National Mobility and Access Manager, NCBI, added: “After our survey of NCBI service users revealed 64.9% of people had experienced a near miss with an e-scooter, and 59% felt that increases in micro-mobility and changes in public space reduced their confidence to walk and access the community. NCBI realised a need to address pedestrian safety on our rapidly changing roads and streets. We focused on the growing use of micro-mobility and its impact on pedestrian safety, especially for people with disabilities, including those who are blind or have low vision.”