TIER for all. Long Term Rental

Welcome to Long Term Rental by TIER. Surf your city with unlimited access to your own, personal e-scooter. Coming soon to the West of England in October 2023.

How do I qualify?

Here is everything you need to know...

Have a provisional or full driving licence

Be at least 18 years old

Be a TIER account holder

Agree to TIER's Long Term Rental Terms & Conditions

Have a personal debit/credit card

Live within TIER’s operating area in the West of England

How it works:

Where can I ride it?

With a TIER Long Term Rental scooter, you can enjoy all the same benefits as our regular shared e-scooter riders, but with added flexibility. You can ride your scooter in all the same zones, but you also have more freedom to park, so you can find the perfect spot for your needs.

What if I need help with it?

TIER gives you more than just a scooter. We also offer full customer support and clear instructions on everything you need to know, from charging to parking to riding.

Time to TIER

TIER Long Term Rental lets you ride your own e-scooter for a monthly subscription fee, with a minimum two-month lease. TIER Long Term Rental has a fixed monthly cost, regardless of the city where you live.

Join the TIER family

Sign up below for your TIER Long Term Rental scooter. Get your own scooter for as long as you want, with a minimum two-month lease.

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What we will give you

  • Unlimited rides

  • Total flexibility

  • Access to a TIER scooter

  • A welcoming pack

  • One charger

  • 24/7 customer support

How to lock and unlock your e-scooter

In order to unlock your e-scooter, you only need to tap your key card on the NFC reader which is on the front of the e-scooter. The e-scooters’ state then switches from locked to unlocked, and you are free to ride.

How to maintain the e-scooter

At least once per week, we recommend that riders:

1. Check the front and back brakes are working properly

2. Check the neck and handlebar of the scooter- nothing should feel wobbly or loose..

3. Make sure the kickstand is secure and holds the vehicle upright securely.

4. Make sure the reflectors aren’t missing and that the lights work when you unlock the scooter.

5. You can keep it clean with a cloth and water, or household wipes.

How to store the e-scooter

1. Store the scooter inside your home or garage overnight. Don’t store in below freezing temperatures - this could damage the scooter.

2. Charge your scooter indoors, and never when you are out or asleep.

3. E-scooters are heavy! You need to have a ground floor entrance or a lift available if you live on higher floors. TBD kerb wedge. We have a partnership with Speed Bumps Direct for these and just enter VOI20 at checkout to claim a 20% discount.

Safe charging

How to charge the e-scooter

1. On the left side of the footplate of the scooter, locate the hole which houses the charging port. Plug the charger in.

Please note you must use the TIER charger provided, failing to do so may pose a risk of fire.

2. The LED light on the charger brick will turn red to indicate it is charging.

3. The e-scooter will take between 1 - 3 hours to fully recharge.

4. When the light on the charger brick turns green, the e-scooter is fully charged. 5. Turn off the plug at the socket and remove the charger from the e-scooter.

Important advice for safe charging:

  • The battery shows a percentage charge in a small square window on the top. You should charge your e-scooter if the battery charging levels are at 15% or below. Only use the charger that TIER provide.
  • Only charge when you are at home and awake.

  • Never block emergency exits with a scooter, whether it’s charging or not.

  • Always charge indoors. Charging outdoors may result in water damage which you may be liable for..

  • Do not charge the scooter near sources of heat such as heaters or others. Doing so may lead to overheating, bursting open or ignition.

  • The e-scooter should be stored and charged at temperatures between 0°C -40°C.

    Check out the London Fire Brigades’ website on the risks and tips for safe e-scooter charging.

Parking your scooter

An advantage for long term rental users is that they can park anywhere - but make sure you don’t adversely impact others.

Check out our video, made in collaboration with visually impaired people, about how to park e-scooters considerately and the impact it might have on others if you don’t.

  • Leave it upright
  • Leave plenty of space for others on the pavement
  • Park near existing infrastructure such as walls or fences
  • Don’t block entrances, access or fire exits
  • Don’t leave the vehicle in the road, or in bicycle lanes
  • Steer clear of parking near pedestrian crossings


Please note: the e-scooter must not fall below 15% battery level, if it does, you may not be able to ride your e-scooter. If this happens, please email us immediately on ltr.support@tier.app asap.

If your e-scooter stops mid-ride, please safely leave the road you are riding on and do not attempt to ride the e-scooter again until you have spoken to our User Support team.

You will be charged a £25 penalty if we have to recover your e-scooter.

If you notice anything that does not look safe or have any further questions, please do not ride the e-scooter and report this to our User Support team as soon as possible via email: ltr.support@tier.app.


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